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We have packages that enhance early-stage ventures


We expand your market from local to global, offering you a new sales channel.


We create campaigns that increase the reach of your
digital brand


Automation , MVP creation , prototyping , web apps , mobile apps , mobile apps

What do we do?

Helping teams build the business of their dreams

We bet on the growth of your brand by creating a clear and defined corporate identity to communicate it on the web to your community and customers.

Having a website brings prestige and confidence to the brand, besides being a new channel to increase sales by reaching customers from anywhere; the key is to do it correctly and constantly contributing to the following principles

manage a good SEO and SEM, content optimization, perform data analytics and traffic, create a successful and simple user experience, update the content of the site constantly, conduct advertising campaigns, redirect users from different social networks among many other tasks that will allow not only have a digital presence but also massive traffic is for these reasons that from Compañia X, we want to offer the necessary services to achieve your goals.

Our Services


We create an identity for your brand that tells the story of your
purpose and connect with your customers.


Web Pages

We plan and design your web site for positioning
your brand on search engines.


Online stores

We expand your market from local to global, offering you
a new online sales channel.


Advertising guidelines

We create campaigns that maximize your company's reach.
brand on social networks or websites.


Other Services

We have many tools that can help you succeed in the digital world.

Brand creation

We create an identity for your brand that tells the story of your
purpose and connect with your customers.


Marketing campaigns should include a variety of media such as mass mailing


Automate your social networks with automated chats that allow real-time interactivity.

Advertising campaigns

Reach mass audiences and generate new customers by generating search engine and social media advertising.


We manage databases, configuring and extracting stored information.


Make your dream business idea come true by creating custom software

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do they have?

Since 2018 we have been working hand in hand with different companies on various projects covering all the services we offer

What payment methods do you have?

For Colombia we have enabled the Epayco payment gateway which contains from debit credit cards to payments by physical means, for other countries the mechanism is Paypal.

How long does it take for my website to be ready??

Depending on certain specifications of each site it may take between 2 to 5 weeks.

Do you offer discounts?

We do have what are called packages which include several services and when you get the package you get a percentage discount.

If I buy a store, when will I get the return on investment?

Having a digital presence does not imply obtaining immediate sales, so it is necessary to implement a series of strategies that allow you to reach new audiences and customers.

They have social network management?

We do not provide social media management services, but we do carry out advertising campaigns on social networks.

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